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Woman shot dead by her brother after winning $100 million from lottery (graphic video inside)

A woman was shot dead by her brother after she won $100 million from the lottery just few days ago.

According to her family members, the woman came home after winning the lottery and was celebrating with them.

“After the big celebration she sat down with us and told us how she’s going to help us and start a business for each of us.

While the conversation was taking place we realized her brother wasn’t there. He went missing after the celebration but we didn’t take that as nothing.

Few days after we had the meeting, she left the house saying she’s going to the bank and is going to meet up with her brother to talk business with him.

Later in the day we heard the terrible news that she was killed. We saw the video and we believe it’s her brother who had done this.

He has not been seen since this took place and the whole family is in shock and disbelief, a family member told our news team.

Police are currently doing their investigation.

More details to come as this story unfolds…

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