Home News Six-month old baby shot in head at Maxfield (video inside)

Six-month old baby shot in head at Maxfield (video inside)

A distraught mother yesterday detailed the 10 minutes of horror to which her family was subjected after gunmen invaded her Sunlight Street, Maxfield Park, home and fired a barrage of shots, one of which hit her six-month old baby in the head.

The woman said that she sought refuge under her bed, clutching her child, who was born premature, close to her, when the shooting began. But despite her best efforts, her baby got shot.

“When mi underneath di bed mi hear the shot literally lick pon di board (bed base), then mi hear mi baby scream out … When mi look mi see blood coming from har head. Di only thing mi coulda do a say ‘Mommy mi baby get shot’,” the visibly shaken mother recalled.

The shooting, which took place on Sunday night, was the latest in a string of violent incidents that has been plaguing residents for months as rival gangs trade bullets.

The mother said that the family was trapped inside the house for 10 minutes, unable to seek help, even as blood spewed from the infant’s forehead.

“Wi come out the house fi come get help but shot still a fire inside the house, so wi affi go back in and get flat again,” she said.

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