Home Entertainment Racist police arrested Spice 14-year-old son (video inside)

Racist police arrested Spice 14-year-old son (video inside)

Dancehall Queen Spice and her 14-year-old son was racially profiled by multiple police officers in the United States moments ago.

The officers pulled over the entertainer for speeding while a female officer tried to arrest her underage son for being black. “hello lady what are you doing he’s just 14-years-old, I wasn’t even speeding, Spice said.”

The video has gone viral and people are advising Spice to take legal actions against those racist police officers.

However many believe the video is fake and it’s just a music video. “it’s a publicity stunt, the officers are smirking and the female cop is wearing heels.”

“Knowing Spice she would be behaving very badly in a situation like that and she is calm in the video, so we think it’s just a stunt for a music video coming soon, her fans said.”

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