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Popcaan and Jah Cure got into big fight over woman (video inside)

There has been a feud between jah cure and popcaan. So the story goes that jah cure had a meeting at his house with someone he has been dealing with.

The meeting wasn’t going as jah cure wanted it to and he allegedly got upset and said that the person can’t leave his premises until agreed upon the terms that he desire the person to do.

The woman allegedly got scared of jah cures behaviour and called dancehall artist popcaan to come to the rescue. The artist allegedly went to the house with another entertainer who appears to have a license firearm.

Upon arriving at the house popcaan reportedly called jah cure several times on his cell phone and he did not get an answer. It has been said that the entertainers tailgate in the townhouse to get the person.

When he got inside the house jah cure got even more upset and a bigger altercation started among them.

He was wondering how he got inside and felt violated he then went for his machete and the other entertainer draw his gun in defence.

At this time neighbours had already been out and watching the incident, the entertainers then left the premises with the person they initially went there for.

After the incident jah cure has purportedly telling a few people that popcaan came to his house and “dis him” and popcaan has been reportedly telling the people that jah cure violated and shouldn’t have done what he did.

The story was told by footha hype who got the information on the allegations.

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