Home News Mother of murdered daughter and 1-year-old granddaughter having suicidal thoughts? (video inside)

Mother of murdered daughter and 1-year-old granddaughter having suicidal thoughts? (video inside)

Distraught mother of murdered daughter and 1-year-old granddaughter is grieving the lost of her loved ones and having suicidal thoughts.

The mother shared an adorable video of her daughter and granddaughter on Instagram and wrote a heartbreaking paragraph.

“Let me reintroduce you to my whole life…… My daughter and granddaughter Carla and karlie….

My main prerogatives, my purpose for living. I tried my best to give you both the finer things in life. I loved you both unconditionally, world without end. Never in a million years I thought I’d have to bury my kids… ” I told Carla please don’t put me in a nursing home nor bury me cheap…. split mi account fi yuh an karlie when mi dead. I loved them, I nurtured them, I support them in every aspect of life…. My heart has been destroyed 💔

Sep 7, 2021 is the worst day I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, I’ll never be the same. How do I say goodbye… how do I bury my children, how can I wake up not receiving a call or video from my fat baby….. o I wish I can trade places…. God, Father God hear my cry…. I can’t do this…. I think am gonna die, she said”.😭💔

“I’m worried I hope she doesn’t commit suicide. I hope she stays strong, someone said.”

Authorities are searching for a person of interest in a death investigation of a woman and a 1-year-old baby who were found dead in a car near Lake Ellenor, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said they are looking for 21-year-old Doujon Duwayne Griffiths in the deaths of 20-year-old Massania Malcolm, who was found shot to death, and her 1-year-old daughter, Jordania.

Mina said a cause of death has not been determined yet for the baby, but investigators believe she died while being in a hot car.

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