Home News Man killed his ex-girlfriend with her 8-year-old beside her (gruesome image inside)

Man killed his ex-girlfriend with her 8-year-old beside her (gruesome image inside)

A man who is suspected of killing his girlfriend by cutting her throat on Monday reportedly turned himself in to the police.

The deceased has been identified as Alicia Patience of Lluidas Vale, St Catherine. Reports are that about 7 p.m., the suspect visited Patience.

There was a disagreement between them during which a knife was used to cut Patience’s throat. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

One of Patience’s relatives said that the suspect’s recent actions were troubling. “Di man and har had a dispute two weeks ago, he smashed everyting inside the shop.

He then tek him knife and cut the troats of the five parrots,” Marlene Jarrett said. “Her mother warn her to leave him but a guess she love him and now she is dead leaving har two pickney dem.”

Yesterday residents gathered near the board structure house in the Dunfor Lane community where Patience was killed, recalling the tragic incident. Despite his alleged actions with the birds, Jarrett still expressed shock at Patience’s killing.

“He [the suspect] is a very hard-working person who doesn’t talk, so we were not looking fi dis,” Jarrett said.

She said that residents were alerted by one of Patience’s children that his mother had been hurt.

“We see di body wid pure blood coming from di neck.” Jarrett said. Residents offered up various theories as to the reason for the attack.

“The situation is sad but the man really works and supports har” Daryl Jemmison said. “Him got fed up as him heard that she went to Spanish Town to look for someone else.”

The suspect reportedly hails from another district in St Catherine and is a man of few words.

“But he is serious about his business. Mi never a look fi this type of ending though,” Alwyn Wray said.

Residents also said that Patience’s mother had to seek medical attention following news of her daughter’s demise.

“The mother went to a doctor as her pressure get out of control. The entire family take it very hard. Him [the suspect] shouldn’t deh a jail. Dem fi let him go we need fi hold him,” a resident said.

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