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Man head got chopped off by his friends after he got rich (gruesome video inside)

It’s reported that a man was beheaded by his friends because he refused to buy guns and ammunition for them after he got rich.

According to his family members, they said the man told them how his friends were acting since he got rich. He said they were constantly asking him for money to buy guns.

“We advised him to leave the community and go somewhere upstate to live because these people in the ghetto will bad mind and kill him for his money but be refused to do so.

He said he’s not going to leave his community and friends in the ghetto. This is where I grow from I was a child and I’m not going to leave.

I will help my friends to get rich and show them the way how I did it but I won’t support their badness.

A couple days after we had that conversation with him, he went missing for days then we heard that police found his body dumped in bushes with his head chopped off, the family members said”

A very gruesome video was seen circulating on the internet with the man tied up by gunmen with high power weapons before they chopped off his head.

Police are doing their investigations and more details will come as this story develops.

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