Home News Man caught on camera trying to rape his grandmother (video inside)

Man caught on camera trying to rape his grandmother (video inside)

A man was brutally beaten by his family members after he was caught on camera trying to rape his grandmother.

It is said that a hidden camera was inside the old lady’s room.

The elderly woman daughter hid the camera in her mother’s room and checks the footages on her phone daily.

“I hid this camera in my mother room because I don’t trust some of my family members and I had a feeling they were mistreating her when I’m not there.

I got off from work early yesterday and when I checked the camera on my phone I saw my sister’s son touching my mother in a sexual way and holding her down on her bed.

In the footage I heard someone called him and he walked out of the room.

I immediately showed everyone in the house the footage and we approached him and beat him to sickness. I could not believe my eyes, everyone was in shock.

After we beat him, we let him go and him run. We have not heard from him nor see him since then, the daughter said.”

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