Home Entertainment Jada Kingdom has been robbed of everything from her manager (video inside)

Jada Kingdom has been robbed of everything from her manager (video inside)

East side queen (Jada Kingdom) is seeking new management, after she has been robbed of everything from her manager.

Dancehall artist jada kingdom speaks out about being robbed and taken for granted by her manager.

The artist state that she has discovered that he has been robbing her for years. She chose to expose her manager because of how hurt she’s been feeling about the situation.

The east side queen said she’s been working extremely hard over the years and feel as if she’s not excelling; due to the fact that she’s hungry, her mother still lives in a board house in the garrison, and she’s not been able to purchase a car for her self.

Her manager has been profiting from all of her earnings, and make her feel unworthy. She said that whenever she tries to communicate with him about all that has been going on, he’ll use her health conditions against her and criticize her.

The artist said she decided to sue everyone from her management team; and start over as soon as she is finished with the legal process.

She’s working on a new album and seeking a new management. For now she’ll be taking it one step of a time, focus on her album and vlog her journey.

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