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Innocent youth shot and killed by police in “Spoilers” Kingston (graphic video inside)

A man said to be known as “Dragon” was reportedly shot and killed by police earlier today on James Street “Spoilers” Kingston.

Residents in the community was seen and heard mourning after the cruel act. they was heard calling the officers wicked for killing the innocent youth.

“He’s not into badness. he’s a nice calm youth with ambition. he’s innocent they cried while calling the officers wicked and heartless.”

The family members of the young man are distraught and seeking justice. they’re calling upon the government for help.

Ghetto youths are in fear for their lives after seeing these cruel acts by multiple officers in different ghetto communities.

“Not all are gangsters says residents in the ghetto. police have being killing innocent people’s for years now and it needs to stop.”

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