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Husband caught his pregnant wife cheating on him with a pastor inside church (video inside)

Inside of a church, a husband discovered his pregnant wife having sex with a pastor.

A video depicts the moment a husband unexpectedly discovered his heavily pregnant wife with their pastor in a bed inside the church surrounded by Voodoo objects.

According to reports, someone told the husband that someone suspicious is happening with his pregnant wife “Martha” and the pastor.

The upset man confronted his wife and the pastor about the voodoo items in the church bedroom, at which point he immediately activated his phone camera and began recording the adulterers.

In the viral video, the woman was seen pleading with her husband in her nakedness while he threatened to hit her if she got too close to him.

The pastor kept his distance from the husband, whose rage was reaching a boiling point while covering up his nakedness by wearing his shorts.

Candles, a calabash, and other objects could be seen on the floor, giving the impression that the man was performing rituals for the pregnant woman while sharing a bed with her.

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