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Father shot his son 31 times while he was sleeping (gruesome video inside)

Reports from the police are that a man shot his son in his head 31 times while his son was asleep in his bed. (NOT JAMAICA)

The man recorded shooting his son in his head 31 times. It is not said how the video got leaked and is now circulating on every social media platforms.

It is alleged that the man found out that his son was sleeping with his woman which is his son stepmother.

The man found out then later went for his son while he was sleeping in the early morning and shot him 31 times in the head as seen in the video.

The gruesome video has been circulating all over social media and these are some of the feedbacks.

“How cruel of a father can you be to shot your own son 31 times in his head while he was sleeping.

What could your son possibly do for you to shot him 31 times in the head. There’s nothing in this whole world your son could’ve done for you to do such evil act against your own.

I’ve never seen anything like this before because it’s his own son. This proves to me that family means nothing because if he can be so evil, wicked, heartless and cruel to his own son what will he do to others.”

Those are some of the comments that was made on the gruesome video.

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