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$ex tape leak with Silk Boss and his girlfriend Brii (Leak Video Inside)

A $ex tape with dancehall artiste Silk Boss and his girlfriend “Brii” is circulating on social media and has gone viral since it got leaked.

A 3 minute long $ex tape leaked with the artistes and his girlfriend along with a 5 minute long voice note with the couple arguing.

In the voice note you can hear the entertainer beaten his girlfriend and accusing her of cheating on him.

“Yuh nah guh nuh weh. Yuh no ave no discipline and yahh text bayy man inna yuh phone, Silk Boss said in the voice note.”

His girlfriend denied cheating on him. “Then watch nice s3x tape wid me and my man. Enjoy di view cause me nuh know wah dat batty man deh a try prove. Watch my man nice tattoo pon hand, cyaa style me fvck do uno his girlfriend said on a Instagram post.”

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