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Cebu Travel – A Perfect Getaway

Hello! Let me introduce you to Cebu Province, a destination in the eastern part of the Philippines and well known for its majestic beaches. If you’ve ever landed on this page, I am sure that this will help your search for the best provincial island in all of the Philippines can provide. Here are some of the most popular destinations in Cebu.

Cebu is a city in the Philippines’ Eastern provinces. It is also one of the major tourist hubs in the country with many international airport and hotel facilities. The city is considered as one of the safest cities in all of South America, with its low crime rate and superior healthcare and infrastructure. One of the best reasons why tourists keep coming to Cebu is its scenic beauty. It has a lot of natural attractions such as the mist-covered mountain tops, cascading waterfalls, beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, old-growth forests, and a lot more.

Getting Around Cebu City is easy by taxi or Grab Car. Cebu Pacific International Airport is the main airport in Cebu and the largest airport in the Philippines. You can get in and out of the airport using the local cab services and the airport shuttle bus. Getting around the city is not a problem at all; you can drive yourself if you are experienced with driving or riding a motorcycle.

The first tip for Cebu travel is to book a cab at the moment or on the day of your visit to Cebu. This is because when it comes to traveling in Cebu, you need to have everything you need in order to enjoy your trip. Booking a taxi at the moment will save you a lot of time, especially if you are traveling alone or with your family. Plus, the drivers here are very professional and they can easily make your taxi ride to your destination a very enjoyable one.

You can also try getting a ride from a tour bus if you don’t want to wait for a taxi. Tour buses usually come from the North Cebu province towards the South Cebu town. There is a bus stop just beside the Pucon Plaza (the location of the Miraflores Church). Most of the tour buses have a desk inside the bus with a driver who will help you with your Cebu travel plans. Most of them have fixed rates so you won’t be surprised whenever the meter goes over the price you have planned.

Another good option is to ride a car charter. If you want to save time and effort getting around the city, you should definitely consider a car charter. A car charter is when you rent a car from a reputable company instead of driving yourself. There are a lot of companies that offer car charters in Cebu but you have to take note that you usually have to pay more compared to when you go by yourself.

The third type is the most popular one. It is a Cebu South Bus Terminal ride. In case you haven’t heard of cebu south bus terminal, it is the train station in Cebu which has a very large platform where you can board from. You can either ride the first or the second class buses which have different price rates. There are also some taxis available on the platform, which you can try riding too.

The fourth best Cebu travel option is to ride a motorcycle. Well, not exactly a motorcycle but just like how you would get to the ferry in Cebu that has water on both sides and a very long runway. You need to ask for a transfer ticket to be able to ride the motorcycle. You will be riding along the famous Alabang Beach and there are a lot of tourists who would want to take a rest after the sun sets. There are a lot of cars available to rent at the Alabang Beach, you just need to ask the driver for the best deal.

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