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CCTV footage of gunman killing 2 men brawling at red hills road gas station (graphic video inside)

Pump attendants and customers of a Red Hills Road gas station had to run for cover yesterday as thugs fatally shot two men who were sitting in a white Subaru at one of the pumps.

The incident happened shortly after midday. Eyewitnesses say the men, one of whom had just purchased a patty, were caught off guard.

“Di driver not even get a chance to take a bite outta him patty star. Him dead with it on him chest and mi all a wonder if it never did a burn him. All mi know say something wrong and somebody set dem up because a from God send morning di car deh deh a bleach on dem. Dem go over by di Western Union suh somebody know something. Is not like dem rob dem. Si man dem just wet dem up,” a man told CARIB LOOP.

According to police report, about 12:15 p.m. the men were at the gas station when they were pounced upon and gunned down by unknown assailants. They were taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where they were pronounced dead. Another man suggested that the men were marked for death as their killers sat patiently waiting on them for hours.

“From morning the shooter deh here in a car a lay wait dem so it’s like dem couldn’t escape it ya man. A one man just come out and wet dem. When the one in the passenger side come out after him get shot, the shooter still put in on him. See him hat and slippers there suh,” he said pointing to the items of clothing.

Up to press time, the police were yet to ascertain the identities of the men. Deputy Superintendent of Police Collin Millaneise, operations officer for the St Andrew North Police Division, said it does not appear that the victims are from the area.

“It is still early days as it relates to the investigation and it may have influence on criminal elements in our space as well so at the moment we are not clear of the motive behind the murders and it’s early days yet in the investigation,” he said.

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