Home Entertainment Beenie Man Finds New Girlfriend After Breakup (Video Inside)

Beenie Man Finds New Girlfriend After Breakup (Video Inside)

Dancehall legend Anthony Moses Davis popularly known as Beenie Man recently had a breakup with his ex girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson.

The two are now separated and single. however social media users has been speculating that beenie already has a new girlfriend.

A photo circulated on social media with beenie hugging a young lady. “is this his new girlfriend, he moved on very fast, did he even love Krystal Tomlinson, those are the things people are saying after seeing the photo.”

Is this young lady his new baeĀ or is she just an normal fan, the poeple’s are asking.

“Beenie you need to come and clear your name, you need to let everyone know if this is your new girlfriend or is she just an fan and it’s an normal photo. come and clear your name beenie man, the fans said.”

Until then no one is sure if the legend has moved on with his love life or not.

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