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17-year-old Kaylan Dowdie has lost her memory says her mother

Mother of 17-year-old Kayland Dowdie, who was last November battered within an inch of her life and has been hospitalised since, says her daughter will not be able to give the police a statement as she has lost her memory.

“Kaylan has no recollection of what happened or of anything,” Venesha Buckley told CARIB LOOP on Thursday.

The police had indicated in June when the wounding case was mentioned in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that they wanted to collect a statement from the teenager. Her condition was being closely monitored as she was still believed to be on life support.

Consequently, the matter was rescheduled for mention on Thursday for the court to be updated on the situation.

However, when the case was called up, the police notified the court that there had been no improvement in the teenager’s condition.

Hence, a new mention date was scheduled and bail for the five accused extended.

The accused, 22-year-old waitress Timone Williams; 33-year-old Nadine Aldridge, who is unemployed; 28-year-old call centre representative Schakenna McLeod; 26-year-old sales rep Crysian Lewis; and 45-year-old labourer Yoland Vassell, who are all charged with wounding with intent and unlawful wounding, were ordered to return to court in September.

But Dowdie’s mother, when contacted on Thursday, was surprised to hear that her case had been mentioned on Thursday.

Buckley said she had tried ascertaining the date for the hearing, but the police had not been helpful as they informed her that there was no need for her to attend.

The mother was even more surprised to hear that the police had indicated a desire to collect a statement from her daughter.

Buckley said her daughter is still unable to communicate verbally and can only make gestures.

“She has had nine cardiac arrests since the incident. There is still no certainty of anything,” the mother added.

The past student of Papine High School was reportedly attacked and battered by a group of women on November 7, 2020, at an illegal party in Barbican, St Andrew.

She was allegedly beaten, kicked, and stabbed in the neck.

Dowdie, who was unconscious and had to be fitted with a pacemaker, was reportedly attacked after being accused of staring at one of the women at the party.

Aldridge is represented by attorney-at-law Samoi Campbell, while Shamar Hanson is the lawyer for McLeod.

Attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie, QC, and Richard Lynch represent Vassell and Lewis, respectively.

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