Home News 12-year-old girl dies in house fire in Rollington Town (graphic image inside)

12-year-old girl dies in house fire in Rollington Town (graphic image inside)

A student of Kingston High school died this morning in a fire at her home in Rollington Town, East Kingston.

She has been identified as 12-year-old Leah Hugh.

The fire reportedly started sometime before midday on Giltress Street.

The Fire Brigade was called and Leah’s burnt remains found during cooling-down operations.

Leah’s father Anthony Hugh says he was on the road when he received a call about the fire.

Allegations from the family’s neighbors about what “really” happened:

“Mother collected her daughter’s school report.

Beat her because she fail real bad causing her to have an asthma attack during the ordeal.

The mother lit the house after her daughter became unresponsive.

Hence why the mother was so calm when she call the father to inform him she had something to tell him while failing to express any shock or remorse.”

The residents continue to share their understanding of the incident:

“Notice how she is laying nicely on the bed. She was dead before the first catch her. Because even if she sleep she gonna jump up for air/oxygen.

Notice her hair all still show plot which mean the fire didn’t burn her badly.

Hope I’m making sense with my explanation, the neighbors said.”

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